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Our Founder

Asgardian, Entrepreneur & Minister of Equity & Resources

Hello, I'm Jennifer Gligoric and I'm the Founder of TerraArk Global.  TerraArk is one of the first businesses in Asgardia that was granted registration and I'm very excited for all of us.  

To learn more about me and some of my other businesses:


Our Founder
Our Vision

Our Vision

TerraArk Global strives to be the premier marketing, communications, and event organizer for Asgardia, Asgardia Residents, and supporters through the innovative use of technology for our nation's existing and future earthly, space, and digital realms.

Our Mission


"To promote the free and limitless exchange of ideas through powerful communication processes, systems and platforms for Asgardians and Asgardian advocates on earth and beyond."

Freedom of expression and speech are the most important of basic human rights. 


No human is more oppressed than those who are afraid to voice their own thoughts for fear of physical, financial or social harm. 


TerraArk Global's mission is to empower Asgardia and Asgardians with the ability to communicate freely and actively with one another through email, events, and digital forms of communication and interactions.

These interactions in the future will occur in-person, through written and video communications, as well as, fully immersive virtual platforms and experiences.

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