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Digital ad space and social media is not the same as it was two years ago. There are thousands of options and directions businesses and organizations can go in and knowing what to focus on is usually the hardest part.  Smart businesses pick the right platform for their target and then focus on one or just a few platforms as a tool to develop their own lists, communities and control their brand's engagement. 

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Want to reach Asgardian's around the world but need help getting your messaging out and setting up your event?  TerraArk Global helps solopreneurs and organizations through support and event organization and facilitation services.  


Consulting & Education

TerraArk Global has a network of coaches, consultants through several other brands and organizations.  If you are looking to develop courses, get your business off the ground, get funding or get ready for exit; we are happy to discuss your needs to pair you with the right consultant or firm.

TerraArk also will be working to create Asgardia-related content and education in the near future. 

Public Speaker


TerraArk Global in 2021-2023 will be focused on US, Canada & some Central & South American-based events, but will be expanding globally by 2024.   In the US, TerraArk hopes to be the first-stop for Asgardia mayors, representatives, and businesses looking for support, coordination and facilitation for events throughout the country.

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